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USG Logo Design

2017-18 USG Playbill Ad

Music Song Artwork

DVD Artwork

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design

Postcard/Invitation  Design

Show Element Design

How It Works

These two short videos run you though the experience and graphic creation cycle at XmanGraphics

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Jessica - Personal Graphics

Xmangraphics is part of the group of Crossman Companies. The goal is to design an effective and unique graphics for you and/or your business. I have spent my life in visual communication, and an important part of that is graphics. I believe in design that communicates clearly. It can be fun, if that's the message, it can be serious, if that is the message. The most important thing is that it works for you and communicates what you want it to say.

Please browse the portfolio to see examples of the work I have done.

I am willing to work on spec, meaning if I can't design something you are happy with, you don't pay. What I excel at is taking someone's idea and polishing it.

Price would be stated up front.  My next great design I hope is for you.

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