The Utah Symphony Guild

The Utah Symphony Guild is an all volunteer organization that has been around a long time and supports the Utah Symphony as well as several music outreach programs in the community. They were in desperate need of a graphic face-lift and web redesign.

Old Logo


Of course you want it it be classic, elegant, upscale, and pretty.



Next, their playbills tended to be white with simple text. While I'm sure whoever did it tried to design it, it had the effect of not being very engaging or any of the other characteristics you would want from a playbill ad placed in-between professionally produced print advertising.


Color bleed, iconic image and the touch of gold all present the guild in a much more professional light.

As months went by the client wants to add more to the playbill. the challenge is to meet their needs and still keep it professional.

What made the ad eye catching is now in danger of being buried under too much information.